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Aldaba is open source software and its development is open to all who wish to contribute. Computer Science students, IT professionals or anyone interested in network security, port knocking, covert channels or open source software, could provide valuable help to this project.

Any contributor will be credited for their work. A list of contributors will be published in this web page and included in every release of Aldaba. If you'd like your name linked to your personal web page just say so.

There are several ways in which you can contribute:

- Development of the tool
Aldaba is written in C++. The code is highly commented so new developers should get used to the structure of the tool quickly. Computer Science students are specially welcome to join the development team and get their hands on a "real" project.

- Testing of the tool
Currently Aldaba has only been tested in Linux 2.6. The code should be portable to other POSIX-friendly operating systems but many testers are needed. If you are able to install and test Aldaba on your systems, please join the mailing list or write an email reporting any bug you find.

- Research in authentication techniques
One of the goals of Aldaba is to provide secure and effective authentication mechanisms. Anyone interested in creating new authentication schemes or other protocols is welcome to send their ideas and designs.

- Web page
As you can see, the web page for the project is simple and a bit ugly. If you are interested in web design and want to improve the current Drupal theme this page is based on, please join the mailing list or write an email.

- Documentation
Documentation is always a very important factor. However, developers often fail to keep documentation accurate and up to date. There are many things that need to be documented. Protocols should be detailed in depth, man-pages should be completely up to date, etc. Additionally, FAQ's, how-to's and installation guides could be created.

- Translation
It would be great to have at least the user manual translated into different languages. If you speak other languages and you are interested in translating the documentation of Aldaba please join the mailing list.

- Donations
Aldaba is a non-profit project. However any donation could help to pay for the hosting, and would be highly appreciated. If you'd like to donate please send an email to the address listed in the "Contact" section.

Here is a list of things that would be nice to implement. However, new ideas are welcome.

Audit code.
The code needs to be checked for bugs. As Aldaba is written in C++, it is likely to have exploitable buffer overflows and other vulnerabilities.

Graphical interface
It would be really nice to have a graphical interface for the client side.

Configuration wizard
It would be a great idea to have something that helps users to set up Aldaba, so they don't need to read boring tutorials or man pages.


Aldaba has a development mailing list anyone can subscribe to. If you'd like to join the list please visit:

If you have any questions, feedback or bug reports feel free to write to: